BRÖÖ® Body & Hair Care

Barley. Hops. Beautiful.™ BRÖÖ® Body & Hair Care serves up the beauty in beer! Ultra-performance, natural shampoos, conditioners, and body washes brimming with the B vitamins, proteins, and minerals in that SUPER DRINK for hair, craft beer. At BRÖÖ, we search out home-brewed beauty remedies, handed down through the ages, and transform them into ultra-performing natural beauty products that you’ll love. It’s a never-ending journey, and it started with beer.

Why beer? Because beer is the SUPER DRINK for hair! The barley & hops in beer are “brimming” with naturally occurring B vitamins, proteins, and minerals, that are the building blocks of strong, healthy hair. That’s the reason women have rinsed their hair with beer throughout the ages.

Now, BRÖÖ has created a line of ultra-performing formulas that tap the beauty in hand-crafted beer, to volumize, hydrate, or smooth your hair! With delicious, naturally-derived fragrances, our revolutionary natural alternative to silicone, and “see-the-diference-in-one-use” results, BRÖÖ delivers all this performance without harsh, yucky chemicals. Enjoy responsibly!