Fairlife Milk

Fairlife® ultra-filtered milk, a real milk that’s great tasting and provides people with a better source of nutrition – filtered for more protein and calcium and less sugar. Fairlife is brought to you by family dairy farmers who put great care into everything they do. It comes from a sustainable source that’s tracked from grass to glass. Fairlife is a start-up shaking up the dairy category, bringing families health and wellness, great taste and convenient nutrition. Available in four varieties: 2% Reduced Fat, Chocolate, Fat Free and Whole.




Fairlife® ultra filters high quality real milk to concentrate the natural goodness for 50 percent more natural protein, 30 percent more natural calcium and half the sugar of ordinary milk. 

  • Half the sugar compared to ordinary milk fairlife fat free, reduced fat and whole have half the sugars of regular milk, and fairlife chocolate has half the sugars of ordinary chocolate milk – that’s indulgence you can feel great about.
  • More protein to fuel busy lives with 13 grams of protein in one serving of fairlife compared to 8 grams in ordinary milk.
  • No added protein powders or synthetic junk. fairlife’s filtration concentrates the natural protein and calcium without needing to add from outside sources, unlike competitors.
  • Lactose intolerant? fairlife also filters out the lactose, unlike competitors that convert it with an enzyme. The result is the great taste that milk should be – not sweet like traditional lactose-free milks.