Primo Mendoza +Honey

Primo Mendoza’s new line of products, + HONEY, is the best example of the way we fuse innovation, tradition and quality.

+ HONEY is an exclusive line of products made with 100% natural ingredients using a selection of the best monofloral honeys in Spain, enriched with the best products of the hive, such as royal jelly, propolis and beepollen.
With these combinations we obtain a healthy product with an exquisite flavour which is ideal for the whole family.

The main differences between our + HONEY line and other products on the market are:

  • Our products are made using high-quality monofloral honey harvested in Spain.
  • The ingredients we use are 100% natural: fresh royal jelly, beepollen, propolis, etc.
  • They are the most enriched recipes on the market (e.g. 4% fresh royal jelly).
  • We use a highly-innovative production process which preserves all the nutritional properties of each and every one of the ingredients.
  • The line is designed and presented so as to be highly attractive to the user and to transmit the fresh, natural and innovative qualities of +HONEY products.