The Jackfruit Company

Say hello to The Jackfruit Company, creating amazing recipes using nutritious meat alternatives! Jackfruit is rich in body-cleansing, hunger-satisfying fiber. With its meaty texture, jackfruit is used in place of meat. Low in calories, and free of cholesterol, soy, and gluten, it’s the healthy main dish.

Jackfruit is ready to eat from the pouch! Empty contents of pouch, and use in your favorite dishes or recipes. Great served with rice or flatbread, or in a sandwich or wrap.

Available in the produce department at Kirk Market.



Is this really a fruit? Why isn’t it sweet?
Yes! We know it seems impossible that a fruit could have the same consistency as meat, but jackfruit is all fruit. The Jackfruit Company products use young jackfruit – picked before the fruit ripens – and therefore the sugars haven’t formed yet, so our products aren’t sweet.

Is it high in protein?
Jackfruit is very high in fiber! You get over 20% of your daily value in one serving. Because it is a fruit, it does not have a high amount of protein, but pairs very nicely with grains and beans!

Is it already cooked?
Yes, young jackfruit is very hard and must be cooked in order to eat it. We do the cooking for you, so your jackfruit is ready to eat from the pouch.

Do I have to heat it up?
It is not required to heat up our jackfruit prior to eating, but heating it in either the microwave or on the stove and adding it to veggies or making some tacos is a delicious way to eat it. It can also be served cold – we like Sesame-Ginger on top of salad!

How should I prepare it?
The possibilities are endless! Check out our recipe section for some of our favorites. Anything you would do with meat can be done with jackfruit instead! If you want to reduce but not eliminate meat, you can mix / alternate jackfruit with meat for a lower calorie, higher fiber meal. Most often, we recommend eating your jackfruit with grains and veggies.

Can I put the pouch in the microwave?
NO! The pouch is not microwavable. Jackfruit should always be emptied from the pouch before cooking and serving. It heats up quickly in the microwave or on the stove top.