Grocery Delivery Account Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in our grocery delivery service. To register, please complete the below form and allow us 24-48 hours to provide you with your log in details.

  • Where should we leave your order at this address? eg. will someone be home to receive or should we leave outside the premises. Do we need a security code or call box number to access this premises? Do we need additional instructions to find this address? eg. landmarks, house colour etc.
  • Substitution Preference

    Sometimes, items may become unavailable after you check out. We encourage customers to select the “Allow Substitutes” checkboxes next to items in their cart. Allowing substitutions will ensure most of your order will be fulfilled (regardless of brand). We’ll try to substitute the unavailable item with a similar product. To complete your account setup, please take a moment to answer the questions below. The information you provide will assist our in-store shopping team with how to choose substitute items for your cart.
  • If we have to substitute an item, WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU?
  • What is your preference if we don’t have the brand you want?
  • What is your preference if we can’t find the flavour in the brand you want?
  • Do you have any specific dietary requirements that MUST be followed when selecting groceries?