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We will be introducing you to amazing products and delicious food. Sampling will be done daily between 10-2pm and 2:30-4pm. Try new products, grab recipes and get inspired.


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Andrea Hill will answer any questions you have that concern your diet and nutritional health. From going low-sodium, gluten-free, and buying organic to losing weight and shopping healthy on a budget.

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New on our shelves this week

  • Fairlife Milk

    0 out of 5
    Fairlife® ultra-filtered milk, a real milk that’s great tasting and provides people with a better source of nutrition – filtered for more protein and calcium and less sugar. Fairli...
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  • Jon Donaire Ice Cream Cakes

    0 out of 5
    Have a slice of heaven! Introducing decadent ice cream cakes to our lineup of frozen treats! Deliciously moist, these frozen desserts contain no high fructose corn syrup or hydroge...
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  • Traders Point Creamery Yogurts

    0 out of 5
    Traders Point Creamery started bottling certified organic milk, and selling direct to customers in the central Indiana region in the summer of 2003. As the first USDA certified org...
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  • Red Fork Sauces

    0 out of 5
    Introducing Red Fork Sauces. Red Fork celebrates classic comfort foods and the contemporary American bistro flavors that food-lovers crave. Their gourmet meal solutions for discern...
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