Assorted Pastry Platter

A selection of all the favourites, these savoury pastries are sure to satisfy.

Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance.

Serving size
Small: 8-10 people
Medium: 10-15 people
Large: 15-20 people


Product Description


Platter may include a variety of the following: Strawberry Cheese Danish, Cheese Danish, Coconut Pastry, Guava Pastry, Cinnamon Roll, Sour Cream Cake, Apple Lattice Danish, Apple Strudel, Chocolate Croissant, Plain Croissant, Elephant Ears, Lemon Danish, Raspberry Danish, Cinnamon Danish, Raisin Croisant, Raspberry Strudel Stick, Apple Strudel Stick, Blueberry Strudel Stick, Chocolate Twist, Cranberry Twist, French Apple Croissant, Apricot Croissant

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