Cruise Ship Visitor Guide

Cruise Ship Visitor Guide

Make your port stop in Grand Cayman more enjoyable by stopping at Kirk Market to get your essentials before going off to explore this beautiful island. A stop in Grand Cayman will have you indulging in exotic foods, white sands, turquoise waters and tons of fun for the whole family. And whether or not you already prepared a ship-sponsored or independent shore excursion, you need to get your bearings and know where to get your necessities.

The necessities

It’s a good idea to get the most important things out of your way when on a shore excursion and one of those things is shopping for necessities. Kirk Market (that’s us) is the closest supermarket to the port; At just ten minutes on foot or 2 minutes by bus, you wont have to worry about spending too much time trying to get here. Just ask anyone in George Town for Kirk Market and the friendly locals will know exactly where you are referring to. You can also use the interactive map below.

Kirk Market is renowned for its excellent offering of high quality fresh produce, meat & seafood and special dietary products. In addition to being a fully stocked grocery store we also have a mediterranean deli with chef prepared meals and the island’s best salad bar.

Once at Kirk Market, we have everything that you may need to carry back on the ship, from toiletries to sunscreen and snacks to beverages, we are the one stop shop for all your needs. We also have the following services available.

  • Post Office Drop Box
  • ATM (Dispenses both USD and Local Currency)
  • Full Service Deli

Frequently Asked Questions by cruise ship guests

Do you sell beer?
Sorry! but supermarkets on island do not sell alcoholic beverages.

Where can I buy Beer?
There are quite a few liquor stores in walking distance of Kirk Market as well as Gas Stations that sell alcohol.

Do you sell cigarettes?
Kirk Market does not sell cigarettes.

Where is the Beach?
While cruise lines often offer beach “tours,” particularly in the very well-known beach destinations of the Caribbean, it really is more cost effective — and more freeing, frankly — to simply hop into a bus/taxi for the ride to the beach. Luckily your trip includes a stop in The Cayman Islands, home to one of the best beaches in the world… Seven Mile Beach. While in truth the beach is closer to 5.5 miles, this strip of uninterrupted coral sand and the calm, turquoise Caribbean Sea will probably have you just finding a good spot to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of one of Cayman’s most popular gems.

You will be happy to know that Seven Mile beach starts just a bit across the street from Kirk Market and stretches north along West Bay Road for 5.5 miles. Just look for one of the Public Access signs visible from the street and head on in!

NB. Seven Mile Beach is public property, and it is possible to walk the full length past many hotels and villas. There are restaurants open to the public at most of the resorts, and several public beach bars. Some small reefs are located just off shore which offer good snorkelling, most notably by the Marriott hotel (an artificial reef), Government House (the Governor’s residence), and just north of Seven Mile Public beach. There are few restrictions on use of the beach. Open grilling is allowed, and pets are free to roam the beach off leash. Loud music and public nudity are, however, strictly prohibited.

Whats the Exchange Rate?
On the islands, the US dollar is accepted as legal currency at the rate of US$1.00 equal to KY$0.80 (i.e. US$1.25 = KY$1.00). Change in the Supermarket is given in Cayman Island dollars. Banking Exchange Rates may vary.

Where can I catch a bus to the beach/port?
To catch the West Bay bus (yellow sticker on front with a number ‘1’ and ‘WB’ – see below) just head to the Eastern Avenue side of Kirk Market and wait by the Bus Stop. To head to the the port, cross the street (opposite bus stop) and just wait for the next bus.

NB. The route the bus takes to the port will go inland but not to worry, just tell the bus driver where you’re heading and they will let you know when to come off.

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